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june, jerry & lauren katelyn

Back in June 2008, I photographed June and Jerry’s lovely outdoor wedding.  I was very happy to hear about their new little arrival… and was even more excited when they contacted me to take photos of 3-week-old Lauren Katelyn.  It’s so wonderful to have shared another happy moment in their lives! Congratulations, June and Jerry!




I just received copies of the first book in which one of my photos was published!  “Ninety-Five” is a beautiful book by No Voice Unheard, a fantastic group of people publishing books that give animals a voice.  It features the stories and photographs of rescued farm animals now lovingly cared for in homes and sanctuaries.

Ninety-five is the average number of animals saved annually by a person eating a vegan diet.


baby caitlyn

I’ve known Chris and Kathy for…gosh, about 10 years now.  Chris used to play drums in a band with my husband.  A few days before I left on my trip to Uganda, I photographed Chris and Kathy before the arrival of their second child. I’m glad I was able to squeeze them in because little Caitlyn was born while I was away. Now four weeks old, Caitlyn was alert, awake and so well-behaved during her shoot. Both her and big sister, Claira, are such naturals in front of the camera. Not surprising given both parents are performers!

Congratulations guys!  :) 

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