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Lesley Marino

It’s been just over a year ago now since I first contacted the Ryan’s Well Foundation about volunteering to photograph the inspiring work they do in building water, sanitation and hygiene education projects in developing countries. Seeing the projects they build, engaging with the hard-working local partners, and most importantly, meeting the people whose lives have been changed by the RWF and seeing the absolute joy and hope on their faces, has truly changed my life.

I’m very thankful to be working with such a fine family of people; I couldn’t have imagined developing a better relationship with a charitable organisation, both professionally and personally, than the one I have with the Ryan’s Well Foundation. I look forward to the possibility of another trip with them in February!

I’m very honoured to be highlighted as one of the Ambassadors of the Foundation! Check out my spotlight on the Ryan’s Well Foundation website.


on the cover…

Changing Fortunes

I was approached by International Alert, an independent peacebuilding organisation, to license my photo of a woman selling produce outside the Pari Supermarket in Lira, Uganda for the cover of their latest research report entitled Changing Fortunes: Women’s Economic Opportunities in Post-War Northern Uganda.

This photo helps to illustrates the importance of supporting programs and policies for the economic development of women in the region.

Here is a summary of the report:
“The five years of relative peace in Northern Uganda has enabled the majority of former Internally Displaced Persons to return to their home areas and begin rebuilding their lives. During and after the long war in Northern Uganda, women have emerged as critical economic actors, taking advantage of economic opportunities to secure their families’ livelihood, security and advancement. This report explores gender dynamics in the peace economy, particularly focusing on women’s economic and political status, and the extent to which government and development partner recovery interventions are sensitive to these issues.”


tricia & fabio

Tricia and Fab couldn’t have planned a more beautiful wedding. The Boyd Conservation Area was such a perfect location for a sunny afternoon wedding with frisbees, footballs, bubbles and other outdoor activities for the kids…and some of the adults too!

I’m so happy for the two of you and wish you a lifetime of love and happiness!

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