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baby kaelen

Earlier in December I had the privilege of photographing 4-week old Baby Kaelen. He was such a well-behaved little trooper; all smiley and attentive when he was awake, and so easy to pose when he fell asleep!

Congratulations Penny and Karthik!

baby kaelen


kavule finally gets safe water!

Back in February, I visited a very special school in Mbale, Uganda. The Kavule Parents School for the Deaf is home to about 65 deaf and hearing impaired children. The school was in need of a new well, new latrines, handwashing stations and hygiene education materials (see more photos from my previous post).

Just this morning, the Ryan’s Well Foundation received word from Sam Kateu, the school’s founder, that the school now has safe water! From the Ryan’s Well Updates from the Field page: Sam writes “I am so pleased to confirm that the borehole installation was completed very well and hygiene and sanitation training of water user committee, children, staff, parents and the community was successfully done.”

Click here to read more about the Ryan’s Well Kavule Project.

Congratulations to Ryan’s Well, Rural Development Foundation and the Kavule Parents School for the Deaf!!


2011 calendars for sale

I’m very happy to announce that ‎2011 Calendars featuring my photos from Ryan’s Well Foundation projects in Uganda are now available for sale online for only $20 +shipping. Click the image below to go to the new Store page on my website to order online. You can also buy them directly from me starting Monday. Contact me for more info!

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simulation expedition

Last month I photographed a really interesting event for the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. As part of their Simulation Summit conference, they ran a Simulation Expedition designed to expose participants to different forms of simulation for enhancing clinical teaching and learning.

The day consisted of medical moulage simulations, team-based scenario simulations, as well as tours of the simulation centres at three downtown hospitals. The standardised patients and conference participants made the emergency scenarios so realistic, I had goosebumps!


photophilanthropy essay

Bringing Water and Hope to Northern Uganda

PhotoPhilanthropy is a fantastic organisation that “promotes and connects photographers with non-profit organizations around the world to tell the stories that drive action for social change”.

I submitted a photo essay to their PhotoPhilanthropy Activist Award entitled Bringing Water and Hope to Northern Uganda. They even used one of my photos in a blog post.

Please check out my essay, along with the dozens of other beautiful essays on their site.











another boy!

I photographed Catherine and Jay a couple of months ago when they were expecting their third child. At the time, their two boys thought the new baby was going to be a girl.  Well boys…you have another brother! Welcome to the world, Sam!


fall family fun

Valleyview Gardens in Oshawa was a perfect backdrop for fun family photos. It was a bit of a chilly day, but Glen and his family enjoyed the fall colours and had fun playing in the park, while “Les-lady” enjoyed the gorgeous light.  :)


WASH: keeping girls in the classroom

I was asked by the Ryan’s Well Foundation to contribute a blog post in honour of Blog Action Day. With this year’s theme being WATER, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to write about the experiences I had while photographing their water projects in Uganda. The following is what I contributed to the Ryan’s Well Foundation Blog – mine is one of many they will be posting throughout the day. Please check them out!


I loved school when I was a kid. I had wonderful, inspiring teachers, I enjoyed hanging out with my friends, and most of all…I loved learning.

When I travelled to Uganda with the Ryan’s Well Foundation this past February, we visited a number of schools where water, sanitation and hygiene education (WASH) programs had been recently implemented. I could clearly see the impact these programs have on the children in these schools. Their smiling, eager faces told me they too were happy to be in school and enjoyed learning. I was also happy to see so many girls in the classroom.

Traditionally, it is often the responsibility of girls to collect water. This time-intensive task often takes them out of the classroom for up to several hours to reach far-away water sources. By providing schools with clean water sources, less time is spent collecting water and more time is spent in the classroom.

It isn’t only about access to clean water, though; providing latrines and handwashing stations and promoting hygiene education in the classroom are also important aspects of keeping girls in schools. Access to these kinds of resources increases their safety, provides dignity and helps prevent disease; participating on school water committees empowers girls towards positive change.

I never had to think about water and sanitation issues when I went to school; I was able to have fun and focus on learning. With continued school-based WASH projects supported by the Ryan’s Well Foundation, more and more girls will spend fewer valuable classroom hours collecting water and won’t be anxious or embarrassed about hygiene issues. They too can love attending school and eagerly focus on learning, just like I did.


blog action day and global handwashing day

Blog Action Day 2010

October 15 brings lots of water-related activity!

This year’s Blog Action Day theme is WATER.  Check back tomorrow to read my water-themed blog post and see more photos. (If you want to support the UN’s efforts to bring clean, safe water to millions, click the logo on the left to sign the petition)

As part of their events around Global Handwashing Day, Water Advocates requested to use many of my photos in their “Bathroom Pass” exhibit at the Academy for Educational Development (AED), Washington, DC.

Lots of great exposure! :)


reflection and spotlight

Lesley Marino

It’s been just over a year ago now since I first contacted the Ryan’s Well Foundation about volunteering to photograph the inspiring work they do in building water, sanitation and hygiene education projects in developing countries. Seeing the projects they build, engaging with the hard-working local partners, and most importantly, meeting the people whose lives have been changed by the RWF and seeing the absolute joy and hope on their faces, has truly changed my life.

I’m very thankful to be working with such a fine family of people; I couldn’t have imagined developing a better relationship with a charitable organisation, both professionally and personally, than the one I have with the Ryan’s Well Foundation. I look forward to the possibility of another trip with them in February!

I’m very honoured to be highlighted as one of the Ambassadors of the Foundation! Check out my spotlight on the Ryan’s Well Foundation website.

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